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Giving an address to graduates? I can help.

You are about to speak to graduates and their families. Your college commencement speech matters. Whether it is at a university or a secondary education institution, you want to shine. You were chosen because of your leadership and other accomplishments. You know giving a speech is an opportunity to share your experience, values, and advice.

I’m a speechwriter with two decades of experience. My clients have received standing ovations at leading institutions, including UCLA, Harvard University, and Howard University. My background is literature and international communications, bringing a dynamic, delicious flavor to my speeches. See my About Me page.

Together, we will think through the theme and tone of your speech. I’ll learn who you are, your passions and your voice. You’ll receive everything you need to challenge today’s youth to become great humans tomorrow.
Whether you want one speech, a suite of speeches, or delivery coaching. I can help. See Services.


No matter where you are with your commencement speech, we can help. No idea where to start? Or do you already have a pretty good draft? Contact us today.


What you say needs a goal. Make every idea count. How will you get there? We can guide you through the hardest part of the speech. Be forward thinking and change this corner of the world.


You’ve got an idea. What now? How do you find the flow? Can you be inspiring? How do you convince graduates to take action? We can do all that and save you time and headaches.


Learn to delivery your speech with power. Scared of the mic? Too used to the boardroom? How do you show energy? Want to appear like a leader? We’ve got you covered.


They gave me a standing ovation.

-client at Howard University College of Medicine

The Dean told me my speech was the best he ever heard.

-speaker awarded alumni of the year at a major university

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