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I am Anthony Trendl, the principal at AmericanSpeechwriter.com, the leading private and executive speech writing firm in the country.

I’ve written for some of the most influential leaders on the world’s biggest stages. Harvard, Amazon, UCLA and beyond. I’m the author of The Raging Giant Blue Goldfish – 22 Short Stories.

My understanding of what makes people tick and my love of motivating audiences is brought together.

I love commencement addresses. It’s a unique opportunity to influence the next era of leaders. You, the speaker, can be creative and exciting in ways few speaking engagements allow.

Imagine looking out at hundreds of people, all eager to learn from you. You walk up to the podium with confidence, bringing your wisdom and enthusiasm, geared with an excellent speech, listening to their applause.

It’s an exciting adventure to reflect on your life and career, and then offer it to new graduates and their loved ones.

I love helping you tell your story and your ideas. You might learn something about yourself in the process.

For 30 years, I have been putting my words into other people’s mouth. My clients make people smile, laugh, feel inspired, challenge. Their audiences do more, sell more, work harder, give more, or feel better about all they’ve accomplished.

I grew up between the cornfields of Illinois and the skyscrapers of Chicago, and now live on the edge of the Atlanta metro. From browsing old bookstores and libraries to feeding my need to read on Amazon, I learned to write through great books. That’s the skill I bring to you.

For more about me, see AnthonyTrendl.com

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